Sheila E.

  Sheila Escovedo was born into a musical family. The eldest child of Pete and Juanita Escovedo (she has two brothers, Juan and Peter Michael, and one sister, Zina), she started playing with the family instruments at the age of 3. Sheila was obviously influenced by her father Latin jazz legend and timbalero Pete Escovedo (then band leader of the influential band Azteca) while watching him rehearse. At 5 years old, she made her concert "debut" at theformer Sands Ballroom in Oakland, as she was invited on stage by her father to play a solo in front of an audience of 3,000. At that moment, Sheila knew exactly what she wanted to do: she was going to be a percussionist. From age 17, Sheila has recorded and toured extensively with renowned artists such as Babyface, Billy Cobham, Natalie Cole

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We create content for television in house as well as work with very talented writers, producers and show runners on their shows. From there we take them to the networks.  What we truly excel in, is our ability to take a human being who is excellent at what they do, and cultivate a show around them, from celebrities such as Sheila E.,  Nia Peeples, Bad Boy Jose Canseco and mega fitness celebrity Jennifer Nicole lee.

We are visionaries. We know what the public demands, what they love and what they hunger for.




Euphoric Entertainment is in full swing with television reality shows and two sitcoms in development. We've partnered with Watermark HD to produce high profile, live digital simulcasts all over the country, Canada and eventually all over the world.  We started with Hollywood's Master Storytellers and were one of the first to take Hollywood via simulcast across the nation with "The Blues Brothers" and the brand grew from there.

We continue to cultivate excellent relationships in Hollywood with production companies, network and studio executives and distribution companies.

We are brand builders, publicists and truly care for our clients.  As publicists our job is to get our clients massive exposure, protect them, make sure their brand does well and maintains it's integrity.  We work directly with each and every client. Sometimes we steer them in the right direction and sometimes they steer us, but all in all, we work hand in hand.  As it should be.

As publicists we have one of the most comprehensive databases in the country.  We don't just send out a few emails, we build relationships for our clients with the media.  From the smallest new stations around the country, to the big names such as "Good Morning America", newspapers, radio stations and when the timing is right, we get them key media exposure.

We eat, live and breath media and getting exposure.  Getting you into the right hands.




We have no fear when it comes to the entertainment industry.  We are picky about who we work with because at the end of the day, it's all about results.  We build beautiful websites for our clients, because we know what today's online demands are::


We will take a fabulous vision and bring it to life.  It's all about the creative license.










We are writer, producers and creators. If there is something you need that is entertainment based, we can fill that need.  Nadine Christine Hamdan

About Nadine Christine

Euphoric Entertainment is creating, developing and producing original content for
television film and digital platforms.

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  • Writing hysterical sitcoms
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