Public Relations

Euphoric PR specializes in established and up and coming entertainment related clients. From A list to D list celebrities, book authors, musicians, writers, producers, or directors, our job is to keep an eye on them and get them noticed.

We know how to brand our clients and how to get them to the right people, write fantastic press releases, book our clients and position them on the red carpet.

But our strongest asset to date is that we have fantastic relationships with the media all over the world. Our motto is, if we don't know them or you need to get in touch with them, we'll make it happen.

Everyone wants to hear the traditional press mumbo jumbo, we do this, we do that and the bottom line is, we do it all and we do it well. What we're truly incredible and knowledgable in is creating a powerful social media platforms for our clients. We provide representation with class; we are established in:



# Media contacts.
# Writing press releases, pitches and media campaigns.
# Identify the best angels and promoting you.
# Get you in front of the right people.
# Advisors in adversity (because it may happen).
# Getting and guiding you on the red carpet.
# Book our clients for jobs, acting, modeling, speaking engagements.
# Create strategic marketing along with the publicity.
# Create outstanding electronic press kits.
# Book and guide our clients through live events.
# Event planning for our clients.
# Custom create a social media platform and market to the right demographic (and they are beautiful).
# Electronic Press Kits.
# Social Media Platforms (from web designing, blogging, postings, out reach and advertising)


We get to know our clients and customize an action plan that works specifically for them and we reach their primary demographic. We don't stop there. If our clients need to get more attention or seen, we'll make it happen. Because we are creators of shows for television and writers, we have an edge over everyone else. We think outside of the box and today that is what is essential in making a career happen. If that's what you want, then we're the right company for you. You have an image and we will guide you, mold you, and if need be hold you, but let's hope it doesn't come to that. Let's create together. Send us an email and we'll get right back with you. Create!

Nadine C. Hamdan

We represent with pride and we are smart, creative and pushy when we need to be. Our goals are to create the optimum opportunity for each and every one of our clients. From the famous to the one's who truly desire to be in the spotlight and for our clients who desire a lot of exposure.














About Nadine Christine

Euphoric Entertainment is creating, developing and producing original content for
television film and digital platforms.

  • Reality slates in development
  • Writing hysterical sitcoms
  • Branding and Media Careers

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  • Comedy & Drama
  • Digital Media Careers
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  • Publicity

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